Russian Air Base Reportedly Hit In Strategic Attacks Behind Enemy Lines By Ukraine

( Last Tuesday, a Russian air base in Crimea was attacked leaving at least seven Russian warplanes destroyed.

At least six explosions tore through the Saky air base over 140 miles behind the current frontline between Russian and Ukrainian troops.

The Kremlin denies the base was hit in an attack, insisting that Tuesday’s explosions were an accidental detonation of munitions at the base.

According to the Washington Post, a US official said the attack appears to be the work of Ukrainian forces.

Anonymous Ukrainian officials told the Washington Post that the attack was conducted by special forces or guerrilla fighters known as “partisans.” These resistance fighters have been active in Kherson which is located just north of Crimea.

One expert who spoke to the Washington Post said it may be possible that these “partisans” planted explosive devices at the base or used drones to deliver the bombs. It is also possible that the Ukrainian military used a longer-range precision weapon.

According to the Post, satellite imagery confirms that there is significant damage in four locations that analysts believe were used for munitions storage. The subsequent fires from the explosions were extensive, however, analysts said the base remains functional.

In its assessment on Friday, the UK Defense Ministry said it has not confirmed the cause of the initial blasts, but “large mushroom clouds visible in eyewitness video” make it likely the detonations came from “up to four uncovered munition storage areas.”

According to Mark Cancian, a senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the base is over 140 miles from the closest front line and there doesn’t seem to be anything currently used by the Ukrainian military that could launch an attack that far into enemy territory. This would suggest that the attack was carried out by forces behind enemy lines.

However, the details of the explosions remain a mystery.