Russia Signals It May Move Nuclear Missiles Near U.S. Coastline

( A shocking new report from The New York Times claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering moving his country’s nuclear missiles to somewhere just off the coast of the United States coastline – and that he’ll only consider not doing it if the United States and Europe don’t agree to provide “assurances” that they will not intervene in a potential conflict with Ukraine.

The Times reports that President Putin is planning on extending the Russian sphere of influence across Eastern Europe and is looking to obtain written commitments from NATO that they will stay out of Russia’s business.

According to the report, if Putin finds himself “frustrated in reaching that goal” – and many of his aides have already suggested that he feels that way – then he would “Pursue Russia’s security interests with results that would be felt acutely in Europe and the United States.”

In other words, Russian President Putin wants to take Ukraine, and he’s willing to make Europe and the United States suffer if they don’t accept it.

Remind us again why President Joe Biden thought it was a good idea to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline with Russia in favor of NordStream 2 from Russia…

President Joe Biden’s energy decision didn’t just strip the United States of the prospect of energy independence, but also gave Russia the upper hand in the conflict with Ukraine…

The report said that there have been hints that nuclear weapons could be moved to places not far from the United States coastline. Such a move would reduce the warning time after a launch of one of these weapons to as little as five minutes. It could potentially reignite a Cold War and something along the lines of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and would seriously impact Russia’s ability to strong-arm Europe and the United States into letting him get away with expanding Russian territory further and further.

At this point, it seems like Putin is willing to go to war to expand the Russian sphere of influence – and there’s no telling where it might stop.