Russia Has Reportedly Tracked U.S. Missile Fire

( Reuters reported last week that the Russian military was tracking the guided missile destroy USS Arleigh Burke after it entered the Black Sea. The U.S. shop was out there to patrol the region with various NATO allies.

Tension in the region is growing at an alarming rate. NATO allies, as well as Russia and Ukraine have all conducted military drills in the Black Sea region in recent weeks and months. Moscow has also repeatedly denied that it is planning or contemplating invading Ukraine.

The United States Sixth Fleet revealed that the USS Arleigh Burke entered the Black Sea as part of a routine patrol, just one day after Russia confirmed that it had conducted military drills using ships and aircraft.

In a statement, the U.S. Sixth Fleet said that while in the Black Sea region, the ship plans to operate alongside NATO partners and work to ensure “security and stability in this vital international waterway.”

The United States military sent another shop to the Black Sea earlier in November. USS Mount Whitney was also tracked by the Russian military when it entered the region.

In related news, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently revealed how his country’s intelligence agencies had uncovered a plan for a coup d’etat, allegedly supported by Russia. The alleged coup was planned to take place in the first week of December, and was said to have involved Rinat Akhmetov, the richest businessman in Ukraine.

Akhmetov has adamantly denied the claims, and Russian officials have also denied it to be true. However, Zelenskyy said in a press conference that he had not only received information about the planned coup but had also been handed audio recordings of Russian agents talking about it.