Rudy Giulian’s ‘Girlfriend’ In The SPOTLIGHT

The woman alleged to be Rudy Gulianni’s girlfriend, who makes her living as a brand ambassador, podcast host, and medical advisor, is back in the public eye. Maria Ryan has remained in the orbit of the disgraced former mayor of New York City in recent years even as her public presentation has shifted between a number of roles.

She has co-hosted radio shows with Giuliani, served as a spokesperson for the former mayor’s personal coffee label, and has sent emails to officials in the Trump campaign about the former President’s attorney’s salary.

Now, in the midst of the high-profile bankruptcy case that currently embroils Giuliani, Ryan has found herself in the spotlight again, as the former mayor’s creditors are questioning payments made to Ryan whom they have classified as his “girlfriend” despite repeated and continued categorical denials of a relationship by both parties.

The classification of Ryan as Giuliani’s girlfriend is important to creditors who wish to classify payments she received from the former mayor—which she used to pay off her credit card debts—as illegitimate. Those in the pair’s inner circle unanimously deny the existence of a romantic relationship between the two, insisting instead that the two are merely business partners and close friends.

Last month, Giuliani’s former head of security Michael Ragusa told The Independent that Ryan is nothing more than Mayor Giuliani’s business partner. He went on to say that reports of a romantic relationship are rumors dreamed up by the mayor’s enemies who are seeking to smear both the mayor and everyone he’s associated with.

The relationship rumors began circulating in 2018, when a report was published in the New York Daily News stated that the pair were seen vacationing together at a resort in New Hampshire even as Giuliani was undergoing a divorce from his third wife.

However, Giuliani has been caught on tape saying of Ryan that, despite the love between them, Ryan is too connected to her family to leave her husband.