Rudy Giuliani Admits To False 2020 Election Claims

According to far-left media claims, Rudy Giuliani, a former lawyer for Donald Trump, has admitted that he lied regarding two Georgia election workers whom he had accused of trying to rig the 2020 election by counting false ballots.  Last Tuesday, Giuliani filed new paperwork in an effort to end the lawsuits against him.

Giuliani stated his recent action shouldn’t change his case because the First Amendment constitutionally protects his views regarding the 2020 race.  Giuliani has not given up on trying to get the case thrown out.

Political consultant Ted Goodman stated that Rudy Giuliani did not admit to the assertions, but he wanted to get to the part of the case that would allow a request to dismiss.  Those looking to discredit the mayor are missing the reality that this provision is meant to speed things up so they can address the legal concerns at hand.

According to a report, Rudy Giuliani was asked by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell whether he betrayed President Trump because of his “retraction” of his earlier comments regarding the circumstances in Georgia.

O’Donnell is the same host who repeatedly claimed that walls had been closing upon President Trump while the rogue FBI and DOJ promoted the entirely fabricated Russia connection falsehood to unlawfully oust Trump from office.

Rudy Giuliani explained that the retraction was fake news. He did not make false statements, and he is not working against Trump.

In order to get to the merits of the case, Giuliani did not challenge the earlier section of it with an explicit assertion indicating that this did not constitute an acknowledgment that it was either true or false.

This was done in an attempt to reach the principles of the litigation. This often occurs in legal proceedings, and the method is known as “admission arguendo.”

Giuliani said that unscrupulous reporters would intentionally misinterpret it.  To clear the confusion, Giuliani said he had made no confessions of lying. There’s no reason for him to help the government take down Donald Trump. There is no cooperation or reason to do so. Donald Trump is innocent, and he is being set up.