Ron DeSantis Vying to Be Trump’s Running Mate?

It’s evident that the race for the GOP nomination will ultimately revolve around a showdown between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump. 

Other contenders are pretenders vying for the vice-presidential role, as these two figures dominate the political landscape.

Following DeSantis’ recent declaration of his presidential candidacy, the GOP primaries have now entered a lively phase. 

Positioned as a distant runner-up to Donald Trump in the polls, DeSantis emerges as the sole viable contender capable of potentially wresting the nomination from Trump’s firm hold.

Presumably, all of Trump’s challengers are aware of this, as it mirrors the situation in 2016. Consequently, it is reasonable to assume that many are running to enhance their visibility as potential vice presidential candidates.

Nonetheless, it is not solely about seeking Trump’s favor. These three candidates employ different strategies to set themselves apart in the eyes of voters and President Trump.

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley’s approach can be likened to Kamala Harris. Like Harris, Haley is favored by influential individuals and doesn’t shy away from publicly criticizing Trump, a move that garners attention for both of them. 

However, she hasn’t crossed any boundaries that would render her unwelcome in Trump’s circle.

During a recent CNN town hall, Haley criticized Trump, highlighting his insufficient support for Ukraine and questioning the feasibility of his social security and Medicaid promises. 

Nevertheless, Haley maintains a close relationship with the Trump camp. 

Despite deeming Trump’s involvement on January 6th disqualifying, she affirmed her commitment to supporting whoever becomes the Republican nominee during an interview with CNN.

Halley’s track record would make her a good choice for Trump. 

Tim Scott

Tim Scott understands he would be a safe choice for President Trump and is well aware.

Like Haley, he possesses a composed and reassuring demeanor that can temper Trump’s more daring instincts. 

However, Scott brings additional strengths to the table compared to Haley.

Scott enjoys substantial support from influential elites, including Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, who has significantly contributed to his campaign. 

This support has enabled Scott to amass unprecedented funds for a presidential campaign.

Moreover, Scott’s vision resonates strongly with grassroots supporters. 

Unlike Haley, he’s unafraid to delve into the cultural issues that Trump’s base considers crucial. He is willing to openly oppose the inclusion of critical race theory in schools, while Haley appears to align more cautiously with Disney in the ongoing battle concerning “wokeness.” 

Scott is persuasive to conservatives or donors and to all Americans who continue to uphold Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a society that transcends racial distinctions.

Selecting Scott would probably expand Trump’s appeal as much as possible, not only in the primary elections but also in the general election.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy undoubtedly possesses unique motivations for considering the role of Trump’s running mate. 

As an immensely accomplished entrepreneur who defied the constraints of the established elite, he has consistently advocated for the concerns of the middle class. 

Ramaswamy shares notable similarities with Trump himself, as both are outsiders and prioritize applying political power to realize their forward-thinking objectives.

Ramaswamy has publicly shown staunch endorsement for Trump’s presidential term. 

However, he presents a younger and more contemporary persona within the realm of Trumpism, aligning closely with the values of the emerging generation of digitally engaged conservatives.

Although he presents a compelling vision, he lacks the established fame that significantly propelled Trump to the presidency as an outsider. 

Nonetheless, as a vice presidential candidate, he would view the position as an opportunity to expand Trump’s support base and introduce his policy vision to the younger generation.

Ultimately, the main motive behind all three candidates vying for the Vice President role is their underwhelming performance in the polls. 

However, since the election is still a considerable time away, there is always a possibility for an unexpected turn of events.