Ron DeSantis To Forgo Trump Rally

( Last week the corporate news media tried to make hay over the fact that Governor Ron DeSantis had no plans to attend Donald Trump’s Sarasota rally on July 3rd. The “is this a rift between the Governor and former President” narrative was splattered across the New York Times and the Washington Examiner, no doubt in an effort to create a divide among those on the right.

It was nonsense of course.

Apparently the New York Times forgot that just a week earlier a condo collapsed in Miami and as yet, not everyone killed in the collapse has been recovered.

As DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw pointed out, under normal circumstances, the governor would have attended Trump’s Saturday rally. But these aren’t normal circumstances.

No doubt if DeSantis had attended Trump’s rally, the New York Times would have howled in indignation that the governor would abandon the suffering families just to attend a Trump rally.

There’s no winning with these people.

Earlier in the week, the Washington Examiner reported that Governor DeSantis has asked the Trump people to delay the Sarasota rally in light of the condo collapse.

DeSantis’ office pushed back on the Examiner report saying it didn’t urge Trump to postpone his rally. In a statement last Wednesday, the governor’s office said that while DeSantis remains focused on his duties and the tragic Surfside collapse, he had never requested, nor even suggested, that events in different parts of Florida – be it the Stanley Cup finals or Trump’s rally – be postponed.

In their report, the Examiner also quoted an anonymous source who said that there is “a huge rift between the DeSantis and Trump” teams.

But the only “rift” appears to be between DeSantis and Susie Wiles, the woman Donald Trump chose to lead his post-presidential political operations.

Wiles was involved in DeSantis’ 2018 campaign for governor, but subsequently fell out with DeSantis after he suspected her of leaking embarrassing information to the press. One can’t help but wonder if the Examiner’s “anonymous source” was Wiles herself.

While the press tries to drive a wedge between the DeSantis faction and Trump faction of the base, DeSantis remains focused on doing his job. Which is probably why the press is trying so hard to throw him off track.