Ron DeSantis Snaps At Reporter 

( On Thursday, the Times of London published a profile of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that discussed his desire to run for president, or as Times US editor David Charter described it, “his worst-kept secret.” 

Despite widespread speculation that he may seek the Republican nomination for president in 2024 alongside former President Donald Trump, who announced his candidacy last year, DeSantis has been silent. 

Despite DeSantis’s resistance, Charter cited several indicators that the Florida Republican is plotting a run: they met for the interview at the Florida Republican Party headquarters rather than the governor’s office, and DeSantis surrounded himself with  his new book, which has a chapter not-so-subtly titled “Make America Florida.” 

In submitting to the feature, which is unusual for DeSantis, the Times, owned by Rupert Murdoch, offers an interesting glimpse into the governor. Despite his image in the American press as uncomfortable and unlikeable, he is described as “personable and conversational” in the article. 

DeSantis attributes this reputation to his hard work. 

According to Charter’s account, DeSantis displayed “a flash of fury” in response to a question regarding Ukraine. DeSantis has been critical of President Joe Biden’s approach toward Ukraine, calling it “weak” and “a blank check policy” on Fox News. 

DeSantis recommended that Charter might cover some other ground in the interview, saying he had said enough. 

The heated rhetoric may reflect the precarious balance Republicans are trying to maintain regarding U.S. assistance for Ukraine. Several Republicans, like Texas Senator Ted Cruz, have urged for help to Ukraine, but this position has run afield with the Trump-Tucker wing of the party, which has attacked Ukraine and its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, amid the horrific Russian invasion. 

Navy veteran and Yale and Harvard Law School graduate Ron DeSantis served in Congress for three years before running for governor. His regular Fox News segments caught President Trump’s eye, who ultimately decided to back him. DeSantis enthusiastically accepted the support and released a viral advertisement in which his wife provides narration as he reads Trump’s book, Art of the Deal, to his kids. 

His followers love that he doesn’t hesitate to criticize anybody who stands in his way, whether it’s the media or the state’s top corporations. 

In that way, he is very Trump-like.