Ron DeSantis Says It’s Time To “End” The Mask Mandates

( On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) praised a Florida federal judge’s decision to overturn President Joe Biden’s mask mandate, stressing that the misery must come to a stop.
Following the judgment, DeSantis remarked on social media that It’s great to see a federal judge in Florida obey the law and reject the Biden transportation mask requirement. Both airline staff and customers are entitled to a stop to this suffering.
His statement comes in the wake of a verdict in Tampa by Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who overturned the Biden administration’s nationwide mask mandate, stating that a “limited remedy would be no remedy at all.”
Mizelle says our system does not empower agencies to act unlawfully, even pursuing desired purposes. She found the mandate unconstitutional and vacated the mask requirement.
The decision comes only days after the Biden administration extended the federal mask mandate for government transportation for a second time, as it was slated to expire on Monday, April 18, before the two-week extension:
According to the judge’s ruling, two plaintiffs and the Health Freedom Defense Fund filed the complaint in July 2021, which opposes laws and regulations that force individuals to consent to the administration of medical items, treatments, and gadgets against their will.
There was no news on whether the administration will file an appeal right away.
DeSantis has long advocated for the repeal of the federal mask mandate, claiming last week that the two-week extension was the Biden equivalent of “keeping the beatings going until morale improves.”
He notes Biden’s decision to extend the transportation mask mandate adds to the pain that passengers and flight attendants are already through. DeSantis believes that the Biden edicts are not evidence-based but just more COVID theater. He reminded Americans that Florida and other states were entering legal action.
DeSantis and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody (R) filed a lawsuit last month in response to the Biden administration’s extended mask regulation on planes and airports. Twenty other states joined the action as well.
Moody believes that this regulation is absolutely beyond the scope of federal jurisdiction. In several other instances, he has successfully argued that the CDC, the federal government, and the Biden administration never initially had the power to issue this order.
“This must be lifted,” Moody said.