Ron DeSantis Says Democrats Are Trying To “Escape” To Florida

( Popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis might be the biggest target of vitriol from Democratic politicians all over the country, but he knows just how jealous they are that his state is still free and prosperous.

And he said as much during a press conference on Monday, in which he said that he would be a “pretty doggone wealthy man” if he had a dollar for every politician who pushed lockdowns who have escaped their own state and come to vacation in his state.

Check it out:

He’s not wrong, is he? Just think how many politicians who advocated extreme lockdown measures who have been seen in his state. There’s controversial Democratic Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer, who implemented some of the earliest and strictest lockdowns in the country, who was caught partying in Florida. And recently, far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was even witnessed enjoying the sunshine in Miami with her boyfriend, maskless.


“I think a lot of Floridians will say ‘Wait a minute, you’re bashing us because we’re not doing your draconian policies, and yet we’re the first place you want to flee to basically to be able to enjoy life. And so I’m not surprised to see that continue to happen,” DeSantis also noted.

He’s not wrong.

He said that there are probably around half a dozen governors who placed restrictions on the residents of their own state, but who were seen at various points throughout the pandemic living it up in Florida – sometimes public, sometimes private.