Ron DeSantis Expected To Win Key Battle Against Defiant Liberal Officials

( Florida’s Education Department has announced that any school districts that defy Governor Ron DeSantis’ order that children should not be required to wear masks in school will lose funds – an indication that the Republican leader of Florida is not backing down on this key issue as Democrats continue to insist that mask mandates are essential.

Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran appeared on Fox News to announce the news, even after a recent court ruling sided against Governor Ron DeSantis on his order banning mask mandates. Corcoran told Fox and Friends that the decision about whether or not children should wear masks in school should not be left to teachers and local school boards but instead to parents.

Corcoran also said that he is confident that the courts will eventually side with them on the matter.

He added that two counties have said that they don’t care about the rule of law and indicated that they believe they are above the rule of law, implementing mask mandates for students and staff.

He explained how DeSantis’ decision to ban mask mandates was made in the interests of protecting the rights of parents, which is ultimately what got his department sued. He did add, however, that the ruling on the state of Florida’s appeal of the result of that case is likely to be made in around 30 days, and that he’s confident they will rule in favor of protecting the rights of parents.

You can watch the full interview here.

Can you believe that we live in a world where parents are not given a say over whether or not their own children are forced to wear masks while in school all day?