Ron DeSantis Challenges Joe Biden To Intervene In Cuba

( Last Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a letter to President Biden urging the White House to help provide internet access to the Cuban people. After the uprisings on Sunday, July 11, in order to quell dissent, Cuban authorities cut off internet access, further isolating the Cuban people from the outside world.

In his letter to the President, DeSantis asked Biden to take steps to assist in providing remote internet access to the people “standing up against communist oppression and demanding a voice after decades of suffering under the yoke of cruel dictatorship.” DeSantis urged immediate action from the White House, noting in his letter that the US has the capacity to provide internet access for the Cuban people.

DeSantis called on Biden to provide all the necessary “authorizations, indemnifications and funding” to any American business capable of providing remote internet access to Cuba.

Explaining that not only do the restrictions to internet access prevent the people from communicating with each other or speaking to their families in Florida, DeSantis also pointed out that the regime shutting down the internet limits the world’s ability to see what’s happening on the ground in Cuba.

The internet blackout in Cuba made it difficult for the activists working to keep track of or publicize the scope of the Cuban regime’s crackdown on the demonstrations. According to the Washington Post some access to the internet in Cuba began returning on Wednesday July 14.

During his joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, President Biden addressed the possibility of reinstating internet access to Cuba, telling reporters that the White House is “considering” whether or not it has the technological ability to do so.

Given how the Biden Administration operates, it wouldn’t at all be surprising if the White House plan amounted to Biden signing an executive order authorizing a blue ribbon committee to discuss creating a Remote Internet Task Force that would be charged with scheduling a meeting sometime in the next three or four months to discuss the framework of how they will proceed.