Ron DeSantis Can’t Save Trump If Biden’s Cronies Come After Him

( The constant efforts to establish fake narratives about President Donald Trump have not ended even after he left the White House, with reports this week suggesting that Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does not have the power to stop the extradition of the former president to Florida.

Palm Beach County’s top prosecutor spoke to CNN this week suggesting that DeSantis couldn’t stop criminal legal proceedings against the former president for…well, for whatever crime they’re dreaming up this time.

It follows a report from Politico last week that Palm beach was preparing for an extradition request from New York for criminal proceedings against the former president, despite the former president not having engaged in any criminal acts.

Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg told “CNN Newsroom” that he hadn’t spoken to any counterparts in New York about any extradition plans, indicating that they probably don’t exist, but went along with the network’s efforts to establish a fake narrative that Trump is in imminent danger of arrest.

“I can clear that up because I’m the state attorney here in Palm Beach County, and we have not had conversations with prosecutors in New York about this. The story that you saw was informal conversations with the clerk of courts and other local officials in case an indictment happens,” Aronberg said.

He also said that Politico’s report that DeSantis could get in the way of any such extradition was wrong.

Aronberg said that DeSantis could try to delay it or send it to a committee, but the role is “really ministerial” and that ultimately the State of New York could simply go to court and get an order. DeSantis could only delay it, he said.

They can talk about extraditing Trump all they like, but until they find a crime he’s committed, it’s not going to happen.

Will the Democrats ever stop targeting him?