Ron DeSantis Cancels Pride Events In Schools

( Following Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education bill prohibiting public schools from teaching students about sexual orientation or gender identity from Kindergarten through third grade, the Miami-Dade County Public School board voted to reject a proposal that would observe “LGBTQ History Month” in October, according to Just the News.

The school board approved the proposal last year but voted 8-1 not to pass the proposal observing the “history month” last week. The proposal also included a provision that directed the superintendent to provide information about LGBTQ Supreme Court cases to 12th graders.

“The Parental Rights bill is very clear that this type of imposition should not be imposed on our children, especially in our elementary schools, and an endorsement district-wide was in direct violation of the Parental Rights bill,” Board member Christi Fraga said.

The move is representative of another win for the Florida governor in his fight against the radicalization of children that appears to be occurring in public schools across the country. On eone example, a Minnesota school district is spending millions of dollars to racially diversify their math lessons, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Minneapolis Public Schools will reportedly spend $2 million on a woke agenda to incorporate “ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity” into the K-5 math curriculum.

Loudon County Public Schools in Virginia was also experiencing a host of issues last year when parents discovered that sexually explicit material was being offered to their children in libraries. They eventually removed books containing sexually explicit material after receiving national backlash when a parent was filmed reading sections of a book that was in her child’s school library.

Another school in Loudon County reportedly a blind eye after a male student, who identified as “gender-fluid,” sexually assaulted a girl because he was allowed in the girls’ restroom. The issue sparked controversy as the rightfully upset father was arrested for speaking out about the incident at a school board meeting. The “gender-fluid” sexual predator has been found guilty.