Ron DeSantis Becoming Major Voice In GOP

( Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is becoming an increasingly loud voice in the Republican Party, and it’s something that Republicans are overwhelmingly thankful for.

One America News, which was one of the conservative-leaning news networks that became popular as an alternative to Fox News in the wake of the last presidential election, reported on Sunday how DeSantis is turning heads for his staunch and strong position on a number of important GOP issues.

The outlet noted that while many Republican legislators and state leaders are capitulating to Democrats in various ways, Governor DeSantis is standing strong and refusing to accept their dominance and far-left social values from ensuring fairness in women’s sports to countering COVID-19 power grabs.

DeSantis said in a recent speech that Florida will fight with “hope and optimism” and will emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic because of it.

Sharing a clip of his speech, DeSantis said that Florida is successful because it is more open than other states. And unlike Democrat-run states like California, he noted how his state has a budget of $10 billion in reserves because they chose to open up.

“Freedom over Faucism” he called it, referencing how Democrat-run states blindly followed whatever Dr. Anthony Fauci told them to do.

OAN also reference DeSantis’ recent signing of a bill that ensures female athletes are not unfairly made to compete against biological males.

To top it off, his cabinet passed a resolution thanking the sheriffs of his state for their 200 years of service, despite continued attacks from the far left against the nation’s police officers.

Former President Donald Trump is widely believed to be preparing to run for the presidency again in 2024, but if he chooses not to, then perhaps Governor DeSantis will be a popular option…

Or maybe they’ll run together!