Robby Soave Says Liberals Should Be “Concerned” ACLU Changed Ginsburg’s Words

( To honor the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the anniversary of her death, the American Civil Liberties Union tweeted out a meme using one of Ginsburg’s most famous pro-choice quotes. Only, instead of quoting it verbatim, the ACLU edited the quote to remove every mention of female nouns — “woman” or “she” or “her” – with bracketed “gender-neutral” terms like [person] or [their] or [they].

[They] really did.

The blowback and mockery was swift. Twitter users criticized the ACLU for bending over backwards to “ungender” Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s decidedly female message. Most of the criticism pointed out the hypocrisy of quoting Ginsburg’s strong defense of women by effectively erasing women from existence.

Crushed under the weight of all that criticism and mockery, the ACLU’s executive director Anthony Romero was forced to issue a weak apology, telling the New York Times that he regretted the tweet which he called “a mistake among the digital team.” He assured the Times that changing quotes isn’t something the ACLU ever did, and they would not do it again.

In response to the kerfuffle, last Thursday, Robby Soave, senior editor with Reason appeared on The Hill.TV’s “Rising” program to discuss the ACLU’s major blunder. Earlier in the week, Soave had penned an editorial at Reason hammering the ACLU for this unforced error as well as Romero’s weak apology.

Soave told “Rising” that even those who are supportive of using gender-neutral terms and are on board with the trans agenda, “should be concerned about this level of changing language.”

Soave pointed out that this incident shouldn’t sit well with anyone, adding that there is something particularly “Soviet” about what the ACLU did. “You’re erasing people from pictures,” Soave said, adding again that this shouldn’t sit right with anyone.

Watch the segment from “Rising” HERE.

In his editorial, Soave argued that, in addition to rewriting history for the sake of gender neutral language, the ACLU’s bungled tweet calls into question whether the “civil rights” organization has veered off course. Soave warns that the ACLU has been “captured by overzealous young progressives” whom he believes are turning once-vaunted Civil Liberties giant into “just another liberal advocacy group.”