Robbers’ Getaway Car Stolen By Other Criminals

The Colorado police reported that a group of four criminals, including three masked men armed with weapons, robbed a check-cashing establishment but then had an unknown thief steal their getaway vehicle.

The Commerce City Police Department (CCPD) reported that two or three armed suspects robbed Hi Lo Check Cashing. No injuries were reported. Two of the three suspects were detained by the officers. The police are still investigating the incidents.

Security footage shows three people exiting the vehicle, perhaps forgetting to lock it. A fourth thief made off with their getaway car, which the CCPD hinted on Facebook may have been a previously stolen vehicle, adding an unexpected twist to the heist.

People started joking about it on social media sites like X and Facebook.

In the comments, one person expressed their shock at the storyline twist.

Another person wrote that the job of the getaway driver is to remain in the vehicle at all times, keep it running, and keep an eye out for any signs of trouble – Like someone coming to steal the getaway car.

Chaya Raichik, founder of Libs Of TikTok, tweeted that this is the level of crime in Joe Biden’s America. During a heist, the getaway vehicle of the armed robbers was stolen.
After an unknown female stole the vehicle, the robbers were forced to flee on foot. The police apprehended two of the three.

According to a department official, the minors who are now in detention are 14 and 15 years old. According to the spokeswoman, police were able to seize a loaded shotgun and a pistol from the suspects.

No official charges have been decided against the individuals in question. The third person wanted in connection with the armed robbery has not been publicly disclosed by the police.

The source said that police have reason to suspect that the stolen getaway vehicle is a Kia. Aside from the fact that she is facing accusations of motor vehicle theft, the police have not disclosed any further information about the female who took the car.

Police ask that you call 303-227-7147 to speak with Detective Garcia if you have any information on the armed robbery or automobile theft.