RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Prepares To Step Down

Reports show that Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), will be stepping down from her post soon after the February primary in South Carolina.

According to insiders, McDaniel informed prominent Republican presidential contender and ex-president Donald Trump of her choice. Sources told The New York Times that the former president would endorse Michael Whatley, the current chairman of the Republican Party in North Carolina, to succeed McDaniel.  A new election must be held to replace McDaniel.

After facing opposition from attorney Harmeet Dhillon and businessman Mike Lindell, McDaniel was re-elected chairperson in January 2023. Many Republicans were quick to point out the GOP’s poor performance in the previous three elections, and McDaniel, who had just become the longest-serving party chair since Edwin Morgan, was subject to mounting pressure from her opponents.

Late in 2023, the Republican National Convention (RNC) had money problems due to a decline in significant contributions before the 2024 elections.

With only $9.1 million, the RNC’s cash on hand was at its lowest level since 2015. Trump and other party members have questioned this decline in contributions. In the midst of the debates, former Republican presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy blasted the RNC chairperson, demanded her resignation and started a petition to depose her on FireRonna.com. Many are worried about the future of the Republican National Committee due to its financial problems and falling contributions.

During a recent interview with Fox, Trump hinted at upcoming changes at the RNC in response to a question on McDaniel’s performance. The ex-president said that his campaign finances are separate from the RNC.

In a statement she sent to RNC members last week, McDaniel dispelled speculation that she was leaving by saying that she had not yet made a decision.

Keith Schipper, spokesman for the Republican National Committee, denied the story before McDaniel’s statement.  There has been no change. According to Schipper’s tweet, this will be determined after South Carolina.

According to TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, who interviewed an insider, the Republican National Committee is trying to drag its feet on important decisions like Ronna’s replacement and the selection of a co-chair.