RFK Jr. Eligible For Ballot In Utah

Historically speaking, the United States has long been called the “land of prosperity”. Indeed, for generations millions of people from all across the world have arrived on the shores of the union in search of a better life – and historically speaking many have been successful in finding it. For the majority of the history of the country, immigrants arrived searching to achieve a more stable and prosperous existence than they previously enjoyed in their former nations and also sought to assimilate into the existing American culture. Today, unfortunately, this reality is much different.

Over the last three years, the decline of the United States as a whole and the deteriorating state of many communities across the country has been exacerbated by the reckless and incompetent leadership of the president Joe Biden. The nations middle class has been struggling for decades, as wages have been largely stagnant as the cost of living continues to rise. Biden made this problem worse, as he and congressional politicians from both parties supported massive spending packages that resulted in trillions of dollars of new federal spending early in his term. What has resulted has been rampant inflation (caused at least in part by these actions), which have further crushed the working class. Home prices have skyrocketed, and the southern border remains open, with thousands of illegal migrants entering the country daily.

Americans everywhere are hungry for a change. While the upcoming 2024 presidential election appears to likely be shaping up as a rematch of Donald Trump and Biden in the 2020 election, a third party independent candidate named Robert Kennedy Jr. is attempting to have his name placed on the ballot in all states. Recently, the state of Utah approved Kennedy and he is set to appear as a candidate on the ballot. Kennedy initially attempted to run as a Democrat, but the party has moved so far to the left that he abandoned it.