Republicans Slam Jan 6 Committee for Targeting Law-Abiding Trump Staffers

( Last week, Republican Congressmen Jim Banks and Jim Jordan slammed the House January 6 select committee, accusing the Democrat-led witch hunt of abuse of power and harassing private citizens who committed no crime.

In a conference call hosted by the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), Congressman Banks said the entire select committee “investigation” is “based on a conspiracy theory.” Banks said the committee members are operating on the belief that the Capitol riot was an “inside job” and the “Stop the Steal rally” an attempted coup secretly planned by former President Trump and his advisors.

Calling the theory “crazy” and a lie, Banks pointed out the Reuters report from August confirming that the FBI found no evidence that the Capitol riot was an organized plot by Trump, his supporters, or anybody else. Instead, the FBI believes the Capitol breach was spontaneous.

Banks said that forty-five people have been subpoenaed by the select committee. Most of them are former Trump officials while only five have any link to the people who breached the Capitol on January 6.

And eighteen of those subpoenaed had no involvement in the Capitol riot. Instead, Banks said, their only crime was either organizing or speaking at Stop the Steal – a legal and permitted political rally.

The committee also recently subpoenaed service providers to get the telephone records of the private citizens subpoenaed. “This is an unprecedented abuse of power by Congress,” Banks said.

Congress does not have oversight authority over private citizens. It does not have the power to conduct criminal investigations. Private citizens cannot be subpoenaed to testify to Congress except when their testimony relates to possible legislation.

Banks is right. This is an unprecedented abuse of Congressional power.

In the conference call, CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp condemned the committee’s treatment of former White House staffers arguing that the select committee’s actions appear to be “a giant effort in opposition research.”

Congressman Jordan agreed with Schlapp saying the select committee is “a complete political operation by the Democrats.” Jordan argued that it is not the committee’s objective to find out why the Capitol was not properly protected on January 6.

Jordan believes the Democrats are using the select committee’s bogus “investigation” as a way to avoid talking about the failure of the Biden presidency and their radical, unpopular agenda.