Reporters Corner Congressman Amid Allegations Against Him

( Embattled New York Congressman George Santos spent his first week in Congress getting chased through the halls by reporters eager to grill him about the latest scandal to plague his fledging tenure in the House.

Last Monday, the watchdog group Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission urging the FEC to investigate Santos over how he was able to loan his campaign $700,000 when he reportedly had only $55,000 to his name in 2020.

Campaign Legal Center alleges that Santos participated in a “straw donor” scheme with an unknown individual or group who made illegal contributions to his campaign, which Santos disguised as a personal loan to the campaign.

That same day, ABC News Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott chased Santos down in the hall to ask him about the campaign finance allegations. She was quickly joined by other reporters. But Santos refused to answer, escaping into an elevator instead.

Later in the day, Scott caught up with Santos again, but to no avail:

Then on Wednesday, Nassau County Republicans held a press conference where they called on Santos to resign his seat, calling him a “fraud” who lied about his background and opened himself up to ethics complaints and criminal investigations.

Nassau County Republican Chair Joseph Cairo said that Santos “disgraced the House of Representatives” and ran a campaign of “deceit, lies, and fabrication” to win New York’s 3rd Congressional District.

In another exchange with Santos, ABC’s Rachel Scott used the Nassau County press conference to ask Santos if he would resign his seat.

A terse Santos abruptly told her he would not resign.

Scott followed up by asking Santos why he won’t resign when his fellow New York Republicans are calling him a “disgrace.” Though technically, they didn’t call him a disgrace. What Cairo said was that Santos “disgraced the House.”