Reporter Is Robbed On The Air

( Dominique Metzger, an Argentinian reporter from the Todo Noticias Network had her belongings stolen when she was dancing with fans during a live broadcast from the World Cup in Qatar.

Metzger reportedly had money, documents, and credit cards stolen as she danced in the street with Argentinian soccer fans during a broadcast.

Metzger said the police told her the area was blanketed with surveillance cameras and the thief would be identified through facial recognition. The police then gave Metzger the choice of what manner of punishment she wanted the culprit to face, either deportation or five years in prison. But Metzger told them she just wanted her wallet back.

According to the UK Telegraph, Qatar had over 20,000 facial recognition cameras deployed throughout the eight stadiums hosting the World Cup games.

Several reporters have experienced rather challenging situations while covering the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

A Danish reporter was stopped by Qatari officials while shooting a live report in an area that was off-limits. The officials threatened to smash the camera if he continued to film from that location.

CBS Sports analyst Grant Wahl said Qatari security forced him to delete a picture he took showing the World Cup slogan that was written on the wall in the media center. He also claimed he was temporarily detained for wearing a Pride shirt.

Meanwhile, the captains of seven European soccer teams were forced to abandon their plan to wear the “OneLove” armbands during the games after FIFA, not wanting to rub Qatar’s nose in it, warned that players would be shown yellow cards.

The team captains planned to join the virtue-signaling anti-discrimination campaign as a way to “protest” Qatar’s human rights record and its laws against homosexuality.

Just days before the World Cup began, the Qatari government pressured FIFI into banning the sale of beer at the stadiums.