Reporter Asks National Security Advisor if Biden Made the World Safer

( On Tuesday, after President Biden held his virtual meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan joined Jen Psaki’s press briefing to discuss the meeting with reporters.

And in a frantic question to Sullivan, a reporter wanted to know if President Biden’s meeting with Putin made the world safer.

What a silly question.

There is no way Sullivan could reasonably determine if a brief meeting between the two presidents resulted in a safer world. It isn’t as if there’s a “World-Safe-O-Meter” that gauges the relative safety of the work on a minute-by-minute basis. Sullivan isn’t going to say, “Why yes, I just consulted the World-Safe-O-Meter and it was three points lower after the meeting than before.

It’s likely the reporter wanted to know if Biden managed to diffuse the situation and if the meeting did anything to lower the tension.

But because White House reporters aren’t the brightest tools in the shed, all the reporter could blurt out was “Jake, is the world safer? Is the world safe? Hold on a minute. Is the world safer today after that conversation between the two leaders or less safe?”

What a dope.

For his part, Sullivan took the time to respond, telling the reporter that the true metric on whether or not the world is safer will be the facts on the ground and whether Russia takes action or not.

Which is a better response than simply saying, “How the heck would I know?!”

Sullivan added that the administration is “prepared to deal with any contingency” but he wouldn’t make any predictions.

When the White House is holding briefings on foreign policy, the White House press corps should be replaced with the press corps from the State Department. At least those reporters have some clue about foreign policy, unlike the catty gossiping reporters from the White House.

Another reporter wanted to know Putin’s “demeanor” during the meeting and if he signaled a willingness to back down.

Signaled how? By blinking twice? These guys ask the dumbest questions.

Although there was one reporter who asked an almost good question.

During the briefing, after one reporter asked about possible evacuations of Americans in Ukraine, Psaki was asked if the administration had learned any lessons from the evacuation of Afghanistan.

Psaki dismissed the comparison, saying Afghanistan was a war zone. She said the administration’s focus in Ukraine is de-escalation and moving “towards a diplomatic path.”

Watch Tuesday’s press briefing HERE.