Report Says China Behind Kamala Harris Health Incident

( On Wednesday it was revealed that Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Vietnam was cut short over fears that she might have been subject to a mysterious weapon that causes “Havana Syndrome.” The sickness is caused by a weapon that is either extremely loud or very quick and has affected over 130 American diplomats and CIA agents all over the world so far.

Havana Syndrome was first recognized in late 2016 and its most common symptoms include memory loss, nausea, hearing loss, headaches, and hearing grating noises. While the exact cause is not yet fully understood, it is believed to be the result of microwaves that are specifically directed towards targets.

Two U.S. officials in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, fell sick over the last weekend and were evacuated before the vice president was removed to ensure that she wasn’t hurt. Harris was visiting to tell the people of Vietnam that the United States was on their side and will provide military support to defend against China’s expansion into the South China Sea.

As Harris was being evacuated over fear that she could be hit by the mysterious weapons that cause Havana Syndrome – which may be owned and operated by the Chinese – her flight was delayed by over three hours. No explanation was provided for the flight being late.

Since then, Harris has insisted that she feels “well” and it is not believed that she was affected by any weapons.

Just imagine what would happen if Vice President Harris had been injured by a Chinese weapon while President Joe Biden’s cognitive ability continually declines. We’d have had President Nancy Pelosi in no time…