Read Newsmax: Apple Delays Child Safety Photo Scanning

( After Apple announced that it would begin scanning user photographs uploaded to its iCloud service to check for child pornography, the company received a huge backlash from people who were concerned about the precedent it could set. While few would argue that finding users who hold child pornography on their devices is not a good thing, many expressed concern about the possibility of this kind of technology being used to track other, legal content being held on user devices.

As a result, the company announced on Friday that it would be delaying the rollout of the new system as it attempts to address the concerns that users have. It’s a huge problem for Apple which has, since the decline of BlackBerry devices, pitched itself as the most secure mobile device for businesses and consumers.

Apple isn’t just receiving scrutiny from users, either. Regulators have also said that Apple is abusing its dominance in the mobile device market, forcing the company to issue a concession about the way its online app marketplace functions. The company referred to feedback from researchers, advocacy organizations, and its own customers who said that they would like to see more choice. In response, the company said that it will “take additional time” over the coming months to receive more input and make improvements to their store and to the child safety features they recently proposed.

Apple has been criticized for only allowing users to download apps from the official Apple marketplace, where they decide what apps can and cannot be installed, in the name of security – while at the same time proposing that algorithms will search user content to find illegal material.

That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Newsmax provides a full report on the situation here.