Rand Paul Says “They Can’t Arrest All Of Us” As He Tells Americans To Resist

(PatrioticPost.com)- Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul called on the people of the United States to resist orders from the Centers for Disease Control, telling them, “they can’t arrest all of us.”

Senator Paul has long been criticized for his staunch opposition to President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ strict COVID-19 rules, and recently came out in opposition to the new mandates being proposed and implemented all over the country. He was also calling out plans to implement vaccine passport systems that could see America divided in two – between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

“It’s time for us to resist,” he said, before adding that the government simply cannot arrest everyone.

In a Twitter post, he added that not every kid can be kept home from school, and that Americans must reject the mandates and harmful policies of “petty tyrants and bureaucrats.”

In a move that will likely land him in trouble in Congress, he also slammed far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who implemented a mask mandate of her own.

“Nancy Pelosi, you will not arrest me,” he said, in response to Pelosi’s announcement that members of Congress who do not abide by her mandate will be arrested.

The White House recently said that they are not considering new lockdowns, but the White House says a lot of things. After the CDC reversed course and told vaccinated Americans to start wearing masks, anything seems possible.

Senator Paul added that he will introduce amendments to any future bills that would cut the federal funding of agencies who employees refuse to work in person, and threatened to stall other legislation if more COVID restrictions are implemented.

Go Rand Paul!