Rand Paul Says It’s Time To Resist COVID Power Grab

(PatrioticPost.com)- Writing in The Hill, Republican libertarian senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul, said that Americans must “resist the latest COVID-era power grab,” referencing the proposed “vaccine passport.”

Paul reminded readers how he has long warned about government control, and that Democrat politicians “never let a crisis go to waste,” explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive infringement on American civil liberties.

“The newest power grab comes in the form of an alleged “Vaccine Passport” which would determine your social suitability to engage in your everyday life,” he writes. “Want to go to the store? Show your vaccine card.”

The senator’s commentator comes as insiders reveal that President Joe Biden, despite claiming the federal government would not play a role in developing such a document, is actually working on several different ideas for rolling something out.

Earlier this week the U.S. federal government reportedly “ruled out” federal vaccine passports, but has not indicated plans to stop private businesses from requiring people prove their vaccination status before accessing services or making purchases.

“I have been warning for a full year about the slippery slope that our freedoms were being pushed down. Even I wasn’t sure it would end with full on vaccine fascism,” Paul added.

The Kentucky senator said that by early summer everyone in America will be eligible for a vaccine, and that there is “little to no doubt” that there will be herd immunity by then – making the idea of a vaccine passport even worse.

“This makes the idea of a vaccine passport – which is a terrible idea for freedom – a simply poor idea overall, as it should have no impact on anyone,” he said.

If America has herd immunity and anybody who wants to be protected from COVID-19 will have access to a vaccine if they want one, then what is the purpose of a vaccine passport…other than to force Americans to take a vaccine even if they don’t want to?

“We can’t let government tyrants and media fearmongers push us into accepting this terrible idea that we need their permission to go back to our lives,” Paul said, before suggesting that the government would intend to “keep this power.”

“We should never have let them take it in the first place in the form of lockdowns, mandates and closings,” he added, before explaining that the measures didn’t work, were “anti-science” and “anti-freedom.”

What will you do if businesses start requiring proof of vaccination?