Ramaswamy Slams CNN Host On Live Television

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and CNN’s Jim Acosta got into a heated argument during an interview on Saturday. The comments made by former President Trump, where he referenced the demonstrators on January 6 with a particular word, upset the CNN reporter.

Acosta brought up Trump’s rally in Texas when some of the January 6 demonstrators sang the national anthem. He questioned Ramaswamy on his thoughts on Trump’s characterization of the inmates involved in the January 6 incidents as “hostages.”

Ramaswamy stated, implying a double standard in justice, that the nonviolent demonstrators from January 6 should not be imprisoned.

Ramaswamy added that we have a dual standard of justice in our nation and went on to say he thinks many nonviolent demonstrators on January 6 should not be in prison. He said rioters from Antifa and BLM in the past two years were not held to the same standard.

When discussing media responsibility, Ramaswamy singled out CNN for criticism for its coverage of allegations of collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russia and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

He told Acosta he wanted to clarify what constitutes irresponsible reporting on Donald Trump.

He said he thought his network and others like it should be held accountable for spreading false information about the Russia collusion hoax and the Hunter Biden laptop tale, both of which were factual but were spread as falsehoods in the run-up to the election.

Acosta continued his questioning of Ramaswamy, asking if he thought that the demonstrators on January 6 could be considered hostages. Ramaswamy agreed with Trump’s point that their constitutional rights were violated.

He stated that many demonstrators were unconstitutionally prosecuted for their dissenting political ideas. According to Ramaswamy, many nonviolent people have had their constitutional rights broken.

By saying he would pardon the January 6 nonviolent protesters if he had the power, Ramaswamy demonstrated his commitment to doing what he feels is right.

In his opinion, many of the prosecutions are unjust. It seems unfair to him to judge someone’s political opinions and then subject them to a different standard of political prosecution because of those views.

“That’s why I’ve promised an immediate pardon to anyone participating in the January 6 protests without disrupting the peace. And I’m going to be firm on it,” he declared.