Racist, Sexist Insults Toward Rep. Flores Cause Controversy

(PatrioticPost.com)- The Democrat Congressman paid a far-left Texas blogger who posted racist and sexist attacks against his opponent, Texas Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores.

NBC News reported last Tuesday that campaign filings show that Congressman Vicente Gonzalez’s campaign paid $1,200 to The McHale Report blog on June 24 for “advertising services.” The blog is owned by Jerry McHale, a guy with a history of posting racist-fueled attacks on Hispanics and blacks.

In attacking Flores, McHale referred to her as “Miss Frijoles” and a “cotton-picking liar.” He also made highly sexualized vulgar comments about the smell of Flores’ private parts.

Congresswoman Flores accused the Gonzalez campaign of paying McHale “to run hateful & racist ads against me.”

And despite paying The McHale Report $1,200 for “advertising services,” both the Gonzalez campaign and McHale denied the allegation.

They both told NBC News the timing of the racist attacks against Flores was a coincidence and the money the campaign paid McHale had nothing to do with the inflammatory posts.

Gonzalez’s campaign manager Collin Steele told NBC News that the congressman opposes slurs like “Miss Frijoles” and “cotton-picking liar.”

McHale told NBC News that as a liberal Democrat, he is going to be merciless against Flores because he is waging a war against Republicans.

McHale later told Fox News that his blog is “satire” and he has never spoken to Congressman Gonzalez. He also claimed that the money the Gonzalez campaign paid him wasn’t for “anything specific” and he wasn’t paid to criticize Flores.

Really? A political campaign paid him $1,200 out of the kindness of its heart?

Who’s he kidding?

McHale also told Fox that there was nothing inappropriate in using race-based or sexist language against Flores.

In one of his posts in June, McHale compared the smell of Flores’ private parts to rotten oysters.

Imagine a conservative blogger comparing Kamala Harris’ private parts to rotten oysters. CNN would be at Defcon 1 and MSNBC’s Joy Reid’s head would explode.

Now imagine a Republican congressional candidate paid that blogger $1,200.

We would never hear the end of it.

In a statement to Fox News, Congresswoman Flores said Gonzalez paying this “creepy blogger” to attack her heritage and “sexually degrade” her won’t distract her from representing her community in Congress.