Putin Signs Law To Secure More Power

(PatrioticPost.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin just signed new legislation that gives him the go=ahead to stay in power…until 2036.

The Russian leader will see his second consecutive term as president end in 2024, but it will be his fourth term overall. Under the existing Russian Constitution, he would be required to step down from the position, but the new legislation grants him two more presidential terms, for a total of 12 more years in power.

That means, presuming Putin wins both of those elections, he’ll stay in office until 2036. He’d become the longest-serving leader of Russia since Peter the Great who ruled the Russian Empire between 1682 and 1725.

And if you were thinking Putin might be quite old by then – he will. Putin would be 83 years old by the end of his time as president, which is only a year older than what President Joe Biden will be if he chooses to run again in 2024.

President Vladimir Putin is 68 years old. His approval ratings peaked at 88% in 2000 during his first presidential term. According to Statista, as of February 2021, he still enjoys a substantial 65% approval rating.

Much like former President Donald Trump, President Putin has not yet confirmed whether he intends to run for office again, saying that 2024 is still “far off.”

In November last year, the Kremlin denied reports that Putin was planning on stepping down over health concerns. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded “No” to a question about whether Putin was planning on stepping down.

“He is in excellent health,” he added.

British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported that Putin was exhibiting possible signs of Parkinson’s disease, with observers having studied footage showing Putin’s leg to be in constant motion. His fingers also appear to twitch in some footage.

Despite Putin’s popularity, the Kremlin is expecting national protests over its treatment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. After doctors were arrested this week outside of the prison where Navalny is being held, hundreds of thousands of people have signed up to attend demonstrations in the coming weeks in opposition to the Putin administration.

With the new legislation signed, it looks like Russia could be on track for its own Biden-aged leader.