Putin Holds Rally Of Russians Declaring Successful “Operation” in Ukraine

(PatrioticPost.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin is not only fighting a war in Ukraine – he’s fighting a propaganda war in his own country designed to convince his citizens that the Russian Army isn’t struggling to take control of Ukraine’s major population centers.

Dressed in a $12,000 luxury coat designed by Loro Piana, the Russian president took the stage at the Moscow Luzhniki World Cup stadium and tried to convince thousands of Russians that the invasion of Ukraine was going successfully. He described the so-called “special military operation” as a “success” – despite the fact that his soldiers are quickly running out of ammunition and food.

Putin also doubled down on his false claim that Ukraine is a country plagued by Nazis, standing in front of a sign that said, “For a World Without Nazism” and “For Russia.”

The Russian president claimed on February 24 when he launched his invasion of Ukraine that he intended to “DeNazify” Ukraine – referencing the 900-member Azov Battalion. The small group of Ukrainian soldiers advocates neo-Nazi beliefs and has been fighting against Russian troops in Donetsk since 2014. Putin claims that this single battalion represents the entirety of the Ukrainian government.

Putin even claimed during the event that Ukraine was committing “genocide” against Russians in Crimea.

The Russian leader even paraphrased the Bible, stating, “there is no greater love than giving up one’s soul for one’s friends.”

“The best confirmation of this is how our guys are fighting during this operation, shoulder to shoulder, helping each other. When it is necessary, they cover each other as if it was their own brother from bullets. We haven’t had such unity in a long time,” Putin told the crowd.

What use is unity when his military is being destroyed by a much smaller army in Ukraine?

Surely it’s only a matter of time before the Russian people stop believing Putin’s lies and start thinking about how his decision to invade Ukraine has destroyed the Russian economy…