Putin Chuckles Over Biden, Says He’s Optimistic About Upcoming Meeting

(PatrioticPost.com)- Ahead of the June 16 U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva, Switzerland, Russian President Vladimir Putin lightened the tension a little and expressed some optimism about working with President Joe Biden.

Well, he would say that. President Joe Biden is hardly a vicious negotiator, and Putin buried an insult in his kind words, saying that Biden doesn’t make “impulse-based movements.”

Ie, Biden is completely predictable and Russia knows how to handle him.

The controversial Russian leader, who Biden slammed as a “killer” earlier this year, gave an interview to NBC News in which they discussed a variety f issues, including the differences between President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Putin said that Biden has spent his entire life in politics – which is true. President Biden has never worked in the private sector as an adult and has spent a lifetime working for the government, or being a part of the government. Putin said that he is a “career” politician and that he says there are some advantages and disadvantages.

On President Trump, Putin said he is “colorful” and whether people like him or not, the truth is that he “didn’t come from the U.S. establishment.” Which is also true.

He also said Trump is an “extraordinary, talented individual,” but didn’t offer the same praise for Joe Biden…unsurprisingly.

After Biden called Putin a “Killer” earlier this year, he was quickly shut up when President Putin challenged him to a debate on live television, and sarcastically wished Biden good health…knowing very well that he is frail, failing cognitively, and incapable of debating very well live on stage.

Nonetheless, President Biden has indicated that he plans to use the upcoming summit to confront Putin on the recent hacking of the Colonial Pipeline, the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and of course, climate change. As if climate change is seriously the biggest issue the United States faces with Russia right now.

The world will be watching as these two world leaders meet, and the United States will be hoping that Biden doesn’t get confused, fall asleep, or…fall over.