Protestors Shut Down Al Sharpton

( Remember how Rev. Al Sharpton turned up to the U.S.-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas, last week?

Well, what the mainstream media didn’t show you is that his presence there wasn’t universally welcomed. In fact, Sharpton’s press conference was forced to be cut short as people expressed their anger at the far-left, race-baiting activist using the border crisis to advance the Democrats’ agenda.

Sharpton arrived following an influx of tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the country over the Del Rio border, many of whom were Haitian migrants. Nobody knows how these people were able to pay for the various costs of making such a huge trip, but the kind of numbers we’re seeing at the border has become the “new normal” – and people like Sharpton want you to believe that it’s a humanitarian crisis.

The camp at which he gave the speech held as many as 15,000 illegals over the last weekend. Sharpton criticized United States Customs and Border Patrol for holding the aliens there and using “slave-like tactics” against them – but didn’t expand on what exactly he meant by that.

He may have been referring to blatantly incorrect claims made by Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that border officials used whips to round up illegal aliens while riding horses. What these politicians didn’t tell you – and what “news” anchor Joy Reid also failed to recognize – is that those “whips” were actually just reins.

And as Sharpton started trying to accuse brave American border agents of pushing a new kind of slavery, hecklers began slamming Sharpton for his racism.

“We don’t want your racist in Texas, get out of here!” one person can be heard shouting.


The press conference was soon cut short, but the Democrats still have not admitted that border agents were not engaging in “slavery-like tactics.”

And they presumably never will.