Progressive Groups Launch 1.5 Million Dollar Ad Targeting U.S. Senator

( On Tuesday afternoon, Senate Republicans voted unanimously to filibuster the so-called “For the People Act” effectively stopping the Democrat Federal takeover of elections. And the action naturally prompted yet another round of demands that the Senate abolish the filibuster so that the Democrat election-rigging S-1 bill can be passed by a simple majority.

One of the Democrat Senators standing in the way of the far-Left’s dream of ending the filibuster is Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. So this week, twenty Arizona “progressive” groups joined with a coalition of more than forty other organizations known as “Just Democracy” to launch a $1.5 million pressure campaign against Senator Sinema.

Claiming Sinema is “standing in the way of voting rights,” “Just Democracy” will air ads across the state of Arizona to pressure Sinema into changing her mind and voting to abolish the filibuster.

Over the weekend, Senator Sinema penned an op-ed in the Washington Post accusing her Democrat colleagues of hypocrisy and short-sightedness over their flip-flop on the filibuster rule.

Sinema pointed out that holding the majority now (only with VP Kamala Harris casting a 51st vote), doesn’t necessarily mean the Democrats will hold the majority in future. And any rule changes like abolishing the filibuster would then be used against the Democrat minority.

In her op-ed, Sinema adds that ending the filibuster would result in “the likelihood of repeated radical reversals” in policy directions which would undermine, not strengthen “Americans’ confidence in our government.”

In truth, “Just Democracy” should save their money. There is no need to spend money on a pressure campaign against Kyrsten Sinema when the American corporate media is running a pressure campaign on her free of charge.

Prior to yesterday’s vote on the “For the People Act,” someone posted a video clip of the mob of reporters waiting outside of Senator Sinema’s office to once again ambush her and demand to know if she would support ending the filibuster.

Both Sinema and West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin are hounded daily over their support for the filibuster with reporters like CNN’s Manu Raju chasing after them asking them over and over and over again if they would vote to abolish it.

It has become so comically absurd, Tuesday at National Review, David Harsanyi penned a column titled “Will You Change Your Mind about the Filibuster, Senator Sinema? Will You? Will You? Will You? Will You?”

Calling the reporters’ badgering of Sinema a “proxy campaign waged for the Democrat Party,” Harsanyi points out “They’ll keep asking until they get the answer they want.”

Why spend a single penny on television commercials when these pestering reporters will do the work for you for free?