Professor Could Lose Everything After Exposing “Woke” Lunacy At Princeton

( Joshua Katz, one of the nation’s most distinguished professors of classics, is about to be fired from his tenured job at Princeton University.

This comes after he criticized the prestigious university’s racial politics. Following those statements, students protested, and the university staged two separate investigations.

Christopher Eisgruber, the president of Princeton University, said recently that Katz didn’t exercise his right to free speech “responsibly” back in 2020. As a result, he recommended to the university’s board of trustees that Katz not only have his tenure stripped from him, but that he be fired, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the entire situation.

Princeton University hasn’t officially commented on the situation as of yet.

Professors who have tenure rarely if ever lose that tenure, unless they are found guilty of sexual misconduct or fraud. According to the university, Katz did neither of those things.

Instead, they are citing a consensual relationship between Katz and a student as the grounds for his dismissal. That relationship, though, happened more than 10 years ago, and apparently, Princeton already disciplined him for it four years ago.

So, how the school could just add more punishment now, four years later, is an interesting question to ask. Or, are they just using it as an excuse now that they don’t like what Katz is saying?

This all started when Katz began criticizing an argument being made by Eisgruber and other people that Princeton University is a “systemically racist institution.”

When Katz started become vocal against that idea, Princeton decided to re-open an investigation into his decade-old relationship with a student. That happened even though the matter was settled back in 2018 when Katz agreed to a year-long unpaid suspension as punishment.

Generally speaking, Katz has been very outspoken about many of Princeton’s seemingly woke ideas. Some faculty members have called to give minority colleagues course relief, a summer salary and even extra time off.

In an essay that Katz penned in July of 2020 for “Quillette,” he wrote:

“It boggles my mind that anyone would advocate giving people — extraordinarily privileged people already, let me point out: Princeton professors — extra perks for no reason other than their pigmentation.”

Eisgruber took to the “Daily Princetonian” to respond. He wrote that he objected “personally and strongly” to the comments Katz made. The university president wrote:

“While free speech permits students and faculty to make arguments that are bold, provocative, or even offensive, we all have an obligation to exercise that right responsibly. Joshua Katz has failed to do so.”

The university ended up dropping the investigation into an essay he wrote that classified a student group at the school as a “local terrorist organization.” At the time, Katz wrote for the Wall Street Journal saying he “survived cancellation” in that case.

But, now, it seems like he only survived cancellation on a temporary basis, as the university is prepared to ultimately relieve him of his duties permanently.