Probe Request Against Ilhan Omar Thrown Out By Feds Who Aren’t Even Investigating It

( In a unanimous ruling, the Federal Election Commission last week threw out the 2019 complaint filed against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar alleging the Squaddie illegally used campaign funds to enrich her husband’s political consulting firm.

The complaint, filed by the Virginia-based National Legal and Policy Center, alleged that between August 2018 and September 2019, Omar was using campaign funds to pay for her now-husband Tim Mynett’s personal travel. During that time, Omar’s campaign had paid Mynett’s E Street Group $369,000.

In its 6-0 ruling, the FEC found there was no reason to believe Omar’s campaign “knowingly and willfully violated” federal law or regulations by either diverting campaign funds to personal use or “improperly reporting payee information.”

However, the FEC did urge Omar’s campaign to work with them to update its reporting if necessary.

Omar’s campaign spokesman Isi Baehr-Breen celebrated the unanimous decision, saying that it confirmed what the campaign had said from the beginning, namely that the complaint was a rightwing smear tactic to “silence” the radical, anti-Semitic congresswoman.

In 2020, the co-founder of E Street Group, Will Hailer, defended his firm’s work with Omar’s campaign, arguing the extra-marital affair between Omar and Mynett began “long after” E Street Group started working with Omar. In an online essay, Hailer argued that FEC rules permit family members to work on campaigns so long as they are providing “a bona fide service” and their income reflects fair market value.

Well, Hailer is right about that. How do you think Maxine Waters’ daughter Karen has gotten so rich? According to the Washington Free Beacon, from 2003 to 2021, Karen Waters has raked in $1.13 million from her mother’s campaign. Karen Waters provides direct mail services in which California Democrats pay Maxine Waters’ campaign in exchange for mailers bearing Maxine’s endorsement.

Politicians know how to game the system to stay within the letter of the law by exploiting every possible loophole. And there are plenty of loopholes that allow them to enrich their family with campaign cash.

And until those loopholes close, what Ilhan Omar did is perfectly legal.