Prison Officials Caught In The Middle Of SIZZLING Scandal

In a shocking turn of events, Belgium’s largest correctional facility, Lantin Prison, is in the midst of an explosive sex scandal. Reports have surfaced accusing staff and guards of engaging in scandalous orgies and using a system of colorful bracelets to determine sexual partners.

Lantin Prison, located just outside of Li├Ęge, has ten of its employees under scrutiny for allegedly facilitating sexual soirees post-work hours and allegedly indulging in intimate acts during their work hours. Sudinfo, a Belgian news outlet, was the first to report the news.

A member of the prison staff referred to as “S” in reports, was characterized as excessively sexually active, allegedly insisting on sexual interactions with her colleagues to accomplish her work duties.

According to the reports, the accused employees allegedly organized their orgies after their work shift, typically in a jacuzzi owned by a male guard known only as “P.” The reports also suggest that the participants decided on their sexual partners by picking a colored bracelet at random.

“S,” the staff member dubbed as sexually insatiable, has been reported to use coercive tactics to get her colleagues to engage in sexual acts, stating she couldn’t perform her work duties without first having sex. An anonymous source quoted by the Daily Star revealed that “From 6 am, she would make it clear that she wouldn’t be able to work without having sex.”

The same source also claimed that a high-ranked official in the prison allowed “S” to use his office for her sexual encounters during her shift.

Lantin Prison, which follows the “American and German models,” is a minimum-security prison accommodating both male and female inmates.

The anonymous source also raised questions about how “S” was hired at the prison, considering her brother was an inmate at the same facility, serving time for a murder conviction.

“S” was known for her daily visits to her incarcerated brother, mingling with other inmates’ families in the waiting room. The source stated, “She was arrogant towards the agents monitoring the visiting room. Her sudden shift from a regular visitor to a prison officer shocked many.”

The brother has since been relocated to Huy Prison, a half-hour drive from Lantin Prison.

“S” has been reassigned to work solely in the women’s wing as an attempt to “quell her sexual urges,” reported the Daily Mail.

An official inquiry has been launched against the ten employees mentioned in the allegations, with prison officials assuring a thorough investigation.

Disciplinary action may follow, but we cannot disclose further details as the investigation is still ongoing.”