Prince William Goes Awkwardly Silent After Basic Prince Andrew Question From Reporter

( The Prince Andrew saga must be very difficult for the British royal family. Andrew, the Duke of York and the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, is embroiled in a civil lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre over claims that he engaged in sexual activity with her at the age of 17 in Jeffrey Epstein’s New York townhouse.

While it remains unclear whether Andrew is truly guilty or not, the fact that the lawsuit is continuing recently resulted in the Queen stripping her son of all of his Royal titles and informing the press that he would be defending himself in the American courts as a private citizen.

Prince William, the son of Prince Charles and the second in line for the British Throne, was recently asked about the case by a TV reporter. During his first joint engagement of 2022 with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, a Sky News reporter asked:

“Your Royal Highness, could I just ask, do you support Prince Andrew?”

Prince William, who was wearing a mask, paused and leaned in to the reporter and pointed to his ear to suggest he couldn’t hear the question. When the question was repeated, the future British king appeared to smile and muttered a few polite and inaudible words before moving along.

It’s hard to imagine that Prince William would have much to say about the matter, especially at this point. Until it’s known whether or not Andrew is guilty, it seems extremely unlikely that the British Royals will break their protocol of avoiding scandal.

The question was asked while the Duke and Duchess were visiting a museum that tells the story of the first children’s charity hospital, the Foundling Hospital, which was founded in 1739. The Royals learned about the care sector and met people who benefit from the hospital.

See the video of the brief interaction with the future King of England here.