Prince Andrew Suffers Huge Blow In Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

( According to a report in the Associated Press, Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction could complicate Prince Andrew Duke of York’s defense in the lawsuit brought against him by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre.

The AP interviews a few legal experts who believe since some of the evidence in both Maxwell’s criminal case and Giuffre’s civil case overlap, that might not bode well for the Duke. Plus, Andrew is friends with Ghislaine Maxwell and she just got convicted of sex trafficking.

The AP report concedes that no new allegations against the Duke came up during the course of Maxwell’s trial. But, according to a London attorney specializing in “reputational issues,” Maxwell’s trial was another reminder of the “sordid allegations” Giuffre made against Prince Andrew and that will weaken his standing in the public.

Actually, it’s the press that can’t stop linking Prince Andrew to Ghislaine Maxwell. But let’s not quibble.

Meanwhile, according to the UK Mirror, one of the prosecution witnesses called in Maxwell’s trial may help the Prince’s defense in their motion to dismiss Giuffre’s lawsuit.

The witness who went only by her first name, “Carolyn” was the third accuser to testify against Maxwell. During her testimony, Carolyn said she met Virginia Giuffre through Carolyn’s then-boyfriend and it was Giuffre who introduced her to both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion in the early 2000s.

The Duke’s US lawyers believe Carolyn’s testimony shows that Giuffre had an active participant in recruiting young girls for sexual abuse.

But the AP’s legal experts argue that while criminal cases must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, the bar is lower in civil cases, requiring only a preponderance of evidence to determine civil damages. And in that respect, Maxwell’s conviction could sway a jury in the civil case against the Duke.

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty last Wednesday on five of the six charges related to the trafficking of young girls. Her attorney has already vowed to appeal the conviction.

The New York judge in Giuffre’s civil case is scheduled to hear arguments on the defense’s motion to dismiss on January 5. If it is not dismissed, the case will go to court sometime in the fall.