Prince Andrew Reportedly In Tears After Then Prince Charles Stripped Him of Duties

( One of the royal “insiders” that frequently gossip to the British tabloids told the Sunday Mail that Prince Andrew Duke of York was “bereft” and “tearful” when his brother the Prince of Wales told him he would never return to official royal duties after he became embroiled in the Epstein scandal.

The “insider” claimed that Prince Andrew had always anticipated that he would return to public life but those hopes were “dashed” after he met with his brother Charles in Scotland just days before the death of the queen.

According to the gossipy insider, the outcome of that meeting “blindsided” Andrew. The source claims that Andrew held out hope that he would “still be of value” as a working member of the royal family so the outcome of his meeting with Charles left him “utterly bereft.”

According to the Mail, the Duke’s status in the royal family has diminished even further since the queen’s death. The source said Prince Andrew had been very close to the queen and he frequently tried to raise the issue of his return to public duties with her.

The source claims that while the Queen would on occasion offer mild conciliation, most of the time when Andrew broached the subject of his return, the queen would avoid talking about it by changing the subject.

While most senior members of the Royal Family considered the subject settled and the Duke had no chance of returning to public life, Prince Andrew didn’t see it that way, the source claimed, adding that while Andrew might sound naïve, “he always had hopes of regaining his position as a senior royal.”

During their one-on-one meeting in Scotland, Charles told the Duke to go live a good life because his time as a working royal was at an end.