Possible Biden VP Whitmer Says She UNDERSTANDS the “Defund Police” Sentiment

(PatrioticPost.com)- Gretchen Whitmer, the controversial governor of Michigan who is also being considered as a possible vice-presidential candidate for the Joe Biden campaign, told the media on Thursday that she understands the sentiment behind the “Defund Police” message. Whitmer told Mojo In The Morning how she sympathizes with the calls from far-left extremists to put American citizens in danger by defunding police forces across the country in response to the death of George Floyd.

“What would the world be like without police?” one of the show hosts asked Whitmer.

“I understand the frustration and sentiment,” Whitmer responded. “The youth of our country are going to take up the lead soon,” she added, before saying she is “concerned about the sweeping observations people have.”

The hosts of the show also referenced how Representative Rashida Tlaib, the far-left congresswoman representing Michigan, had shared anti-police views over social media. They referenced how Tlaib retweeted a post by an account called “Movement 4 Black Lives” which claimed, “Trump has given a green light to cops and militias to beat, maim and kill people with impunity.”

“He has not illegally activated the military to maintain power and use force on civilians. The red line has been crossed too many times. He must resign. Our lives depend on it,” the tweet continued. It also contained two images, one which said Trump must resign, and another which plainly reads “DEFUND THE POLICE!”

In response, Whitmer meekly referenced the quotas she put in place with the Michigan State Police, explaining how she set up an “equity and inclusion office” that will increase minority applicants to the police force by “at least” 25% while also increasing the number of female police officers by a further 20%.

Coming up to a presidential election, and knowing she is a contender, Whitmer toed the line and didn’t say she supported the defunding of the police. However, she did make it clear that she was willing to listen to left-wing extremists on the matter.