Portland Rioters BURN American Flags On A GUILLOTINE

(PatrioticPost.com)- Portland, Oregon, has seen almost three months of nightly riots and protests now. Far-left protesters representing Antifa and Black Lives Matter have injured police officers, firebombed a federal courthouse, smashed up police buildings and injured innocent people on the streets. Their latest stunt, however, is symbolic and pretty haunting.

Rioters brought a guillotine – the device best known for its use in the French Revolution to behead enemies of the revolution – and used it to symbolically destroy the American flag. Footage shows protesters draping the flag over the guillotine and setting it on fire.

Portland police issued an official statement on Sunday morning explaining how someone “rolled a mock guillotine with a stuffed bear into the street.”

“The bear and multiple U.S. flags were burned,” the statement added. “Paint balloons were launched at officers, as well as green lasers.”

Those are the same lasers which cause serious damage to the eyes, and which have already been used to blind some police officers in the city.

Andy Ngo, who is best known for his coverage of the Antifa riots, published video of the incident on his Twitter feed. “They put US flags on the guillotine prop and set all of it on fire outside the SE police building,” he said.

As usual, the riots starting during the daytime and only got worse as it got dark. Throughout the day there were various violent clashes, including counter-protests from the right-wing Proud Boys group. Video footage shows Antifa activists violently attacking the Proud Boys who turned up wearing protective gear and waving American flags.

At what point will the Democrats finally admit that there is a problem? Or is it possible that they are just counting on winning the election in November, and hoping that the protests will end if they use their power in the White House and Congress to just capitulate to all the demands of these violent extremists?