Pope Francis Says Putin Invasion Was Launched Because NATO Started War

(PatrioticPost.com)- Since the commencement of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Pope Francis has mentioned going to Kyiv to try to negotiate a truce. His preference now is to fly to Moscow and talk sense into Vladimir Putin, whom he has not openly condemned in the directly nearly three-month-old war, and only gently in a lengthy interview with an Italian daily.
On Tuesday, he told Corriere Della Sera that he felt he must go to Moscow before going to Kyiv.

According to him, the gathering would not be to criticize Putin. He claimed that NATO was “barking at Russia’s door” and drove the Kremlin to “respond harshly and ignite the crisis.

Never mind that the 85-year-old pontiff can’t walk due to a torn ligament in his knee, or Putin won’t even return his calls. According to Francis, the battle continues because weapons are constantly being shipped to Ukraine. He called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky twice to urge him not to fight. Days after the invasion began, he traveled to the Russian embassy in Rome to “register his concerns.”

“I don’t know how to answer—I’m too far away,” he told the paper.

The pope said that weapons are being tested. The Russians recognize that tanks are obsolete. War is fought to test our weaponry. Few individuals oppose this trade, but many should.

There was no indication of what would happen if Ukrainians did not forcefully fight back, whether it meant a complete annexation of the entire country, millions of deaths, or boosting an already insatiable Putin.

Francis went into conspiracy theory while blaming the world community for the conflict.

The pope said that a free state could not wage war on another free state. In Ukraine, others seem to have caused the crisis. He said that he was gloomy, but we must halt the fighting.
Francis then stated he was told the Russians had a plan, that everything would finish on May 9 during a state visit to Rome by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. On May 9, Russia commemorates its liberation and the conclusion of WWII.

The only person Francis will not meet is Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, whom Francis believes may become “Putin’s altar boy.” Francis stated he called him for 40 minutes on March 15 and told him he didn’t get it.”

He said, “Brother, we are not state clergy; we must use the language of Jesus. We are pastors of God’s holy people.”

He said he urged his secretary of state 40 days ago to organize a visit to Moscow instead of Ukraine, but Putin hasn’t replied.

The possibility of a journey to Moscow put the Vatican press corps on edge, with many wondering if they would be jailed if they reported on war discussions in Russia.

But even the Pope admits a meeting in Moscow is unlikely. He said he worries Putin cannot or does not want to meet now.

“How can you allow such brutality?” the pope asked.