Pope Francis Returns To Vatican

(PatrioticPost.com)- Pope Francis was just discharged from a hospital in Rome and returned to his home in the Vatican on Wednesday. It follows 10 days of rest after he underwent surgery to remove half of his colon.

The Pope could be seen in a car leaving the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome in the morning, with a motorcade surrounding the Ford vehicle. Francis then briefly left the car, with the assistance of one of his bodyguards, to greet some Italian security guards. He then got back into his vehicle AND entered the Vatican through the front gate.

Reports suggest that the colon surgery went ahead after Pope Francis was diagnosed with a narrowing of the large intestine. The diagnosis was made on July 4 and was quickly taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery. The last time he went through surgery this serious was in 2013.

The surgery appears to have been a success, as the Vatican issued a statement revealing that he plans to spend a few more weeks recovering before he returns to his normal schedule in September, where he is expected to make a trip to Slovakia and Hungary. After that, he will head to Scotland where he will take part in a climate conference.

Since when is the Pope a scientific voice on climate change? It makes you wonder what on earth prompted the head of the Catholic Church to get involved in woke issues…

Despite his wokeness, we’re sure our readers will join us in wishing him a quick recovery.