Pope Francis Now Claims “Disinformation” Is A Human Rights Violation

(PatrioticPost.com)- In an address on Friday, Pope Francis claimed that spreading disinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccines is a violation of human rights.

In addressing members of catholicfactchecking.com, a consortium of Catholic media that aims to “clarify fake news and misleading information” about COVID vaccines, the pope said access to information based on scientific data rather than “fake news” is a human right. Outlets have a responsibility to “the weakest” and “most vulnerable” to ensure correct information is provided.

The pope bemoaned the spreading “infodemic” that he claimed was falsified or invented news based on fear and “allegedly scientific information.” He said people who believe fake news shouldn’t be placed in “ghettos,” but instead should be respected. Those infected by his “infodemic” aren’t aware that they have been deceived and steps should be taken to try and win them over to the scientific truth.

Yup. They’re just a bunch of slack-jawed dummies who are so clueless, they fall for everything.

It’s funny, but the pope’s description could easily apply to the people who drive around alone in their cars wearing a mask. It could also apply to those who believe the vaccines protect them from contracting COVID.

This isn’t the first time the pope weighed in on “disinformation” about COVID. Three weeks ago, he condemned “baseless” misinformation surrounding the vaccines during his State of the World address.

In that address, Pope Francis also called for a global political commitment to pursue immunization for the good of the general population. He urged for an equitable distribution of vaccines to poor nations and called for the “monopolistic rules” of patents to be put aside for the greater good.

Some right-leaning Catholic websites have been shut down by social media platforms for spreading COVID “disinformation” including those featuring one of the pope’s most severe critics, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

Vigano has alleged that COVID was produced in a lab as part of a worldwide plot to “erase all traces of our identity as Christians.” Vigano also denied the pandemic exists, calling it the work of Satan.