Poll Shows Democrats Increasingly OPPOSE Mass Immigration And Cheap Labor

(PatrioticPost.com)- A new poll from Rasmussen shows that more Democrats are shifting towards President Donald Trump’s view on immigration, and away from the exploitative immigration policies of their own side’s political leaders.

Just as Biden promises to act on giving tens of millions of illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship within his first 100 days, and also promises to roll back President Trump’s immigration-focused executive orders, the poll shows Democrats are shifting away from their party’s open borders position.

In May 2020, respondents were asked if they supported allowing more foreign workers into the United States to take blue collar jobs. Of the Democrats who responded, 54% said that it was “better for businesses to raise the pay and try harder to recruit non-working Americans even if it causes prices to rise.” Some 33% of Democrats still supported the Democrat position of allowing large numbers of new workers into the country.

Not a majority, mind, but a large portion nonetheless.

After the 2020 election, however, that numbers changed significantly. Between November 15 and 19, some 1,250 were once again asked the same question, but this time some 64% of Democrats opposed importing new cheap labor.

Compared to the 33% who supported the importation of new workers in May, just 23% of Democrats who responded to the poll now support the open borders position.

Is it, therefore, the will of the people if Joe Biden – should he become the next President of the United States – to open the borders by cancelling executive orders put in place by President Donald Trump?

The shift in attitudes is particularly notable given how the country appears to be going through a political realignment. Battleground states are becoming firmly red, more Hispanic and Black voters are turning to Republicans, and Democrats are picking up the votes of rich CEOs and business leaders in greater numbers than ever.

Meanwhile, traditional Democrat voters are favoring the policies of the Republicans and President Donald Trump.

If the Democrats really do take the White House in January, could four years of AOC-inspired policies be enough to finally bring these anti-mass-immigration Democrat voters over to the Republicans?