POLL: Most Americans Want Voter Recounts

(PatrioticPost.com)- Despite mainstream media claiming otherwise, the majority of Americans believe President Donald Trump is well within his right to ask for vote recounts.

A Newsmax/McLaughlin & Associates poll released last week found that 76% of voters were in favor of recounts in key states with margin of victories of 1% or less. This means an overwhelming majority of voters back the Trump campaign’s efforts to get recounts in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia.

The same poll found that 35% of all voters believe there was “significant fraud” in the 2020 presidential election. Still, 65% of respondents said they believed the election will be decided honestly in the end.

As John McLaughlin, one of the pollsters, said:

“This seems to be a very disturbing and high number for the country that has always prided itself to be the world’s leading democracy. The highest level of fraud concerns are among Trump voters at 70% and Republicans at 65%.”

There are a number of other very interesting findings from the Newsmax/McLaughlin & Associates poll.

Almost all Republicans (94%) believe that Democrats were behind the alleged voter fraud, with only 6% saying Republicans were behind it. A slight majority of respondents (51%) believed voter fraud was a large problem in large cities run by Democrats, with 49% saying it’s not a problem.

Somewhat surprisingly, 10% of respondents don’t approve of a voter identification law that would ensure all votes cast were done so by a legal citizen who is actually eligible to vote. In addition, 12% of respondents said they wouldn’t approve of states matching signatures on mail-in ballots with the signature that’s on file with their voter registration card.

A majority of voters (57%) believe mainstream media organizations such as CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN should declare Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, even as recounts are undergoing. The poll reveals a disparity here with Republicans and Trump voters, though.

Among Republicans, 70% say these media outlets shouldn’t declare Biden the winner, and 77% of Trump voters agree.

A slight majority of voters believe the media’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election was unfair and biased. In total, 10% say it was “unfair and biased” against Biden, while 42% say it was so against Trump. The remaining 48% believe the media coverage has been equal and fair to both the Democratic and Republican candidate.

Overall, the results of the 2020 presidential election have not resulted in an American public that is happier or that has a rosier outlook on the country’s future.

As McLaughlin said:

“It appears that the election has not inspired hope.”

McLauglin & Associates conducted the poll between November 21 and November 23. They surveyed 1,000 likely voters in the General Election, which took place in-person almost three weeks earlier, on November 3.

The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 3.1%, which is typical of election polls of this size.