Poll Horrifically Finds That Many Americans Support Vaccine Passports

(PatrioticPost.com)- The findings from a new Rasmussen poll on COVID-19 vaccination passports might surprise you…it turns out a lot of Americans actually want them.

According to the poll, almost half of all Americans – 44% – want vaccine passports to be implemented in order to allow people to go back to their normal lives and get the economy moving again.

The Democrats have pushed lockdowns so hard, and hurt so many businesses and workers, that people are willing to give up their freedoms in return for a normal life. Incredible, huh?

The findings were published by Rasmussen over Easter and found surprising support for a government-backed passport.

It also showed that 62% of Americans who have already received the vaccine think that it’s a good idea for people to be able to prove that they have taken it.

And while the number of Americans who support the idea of a government-backed passport is less than half, a smaller number of Americans opposed it. Only 41% of respondents said that they wouldn’t support a vaccine passport if the government put one in place.

The idea of a vaccine passport is not popular among Republicans.

Governor Ron De Santis of Florida has already issued an executive order banning the use of a vaccine passport by businesses across the state, and controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently introduced legislation to ban the documents – the bill, however, is a long shot.

Washington Times White House correspondent Paul Bedard argued that 44% is weak support for a vaccine passport, but others argue it’s too substantial.

New York became the first state in the country to formally launch a new COVID passport system for residents to prove that they’ve received the vaccine. Called the “Excelsior Pass,” the disturbing program requires New Yorkers to prove that they’ve recently received a negative COVID test in order to gain entry to some businesses or events. It is widely believed that the plan will later apply to vaccinations.

The Times Union Center of Albany and Madison Square Garden of Manhattan are already using the app.

The use of vaccine passports is also widely considered to be the beginning of a new apartheid, with the nation split along the lines of who is and is not vaccinated.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker argued during an interview with Patch.com that it was a simple matter of choice, arguing that, “if people ask you to show that for a particular venue or private venues, they have the ability and right to do that.”

“You don’t have to show that to them, you don’t have to be to go to that venue or be engaged in that activity,” he said.

In other words – get vaccinated or you can’t do very much.