Poll Finds 77 Percent Of U.S. Wants Improvement In Cyber Security

(PatrioticPost.com)- A new poll just revealed how the vast majority of Americans don’t have faith in America’s cybersecurity setup, with almost eight in 10 people saying that the government must do more to improve the nation’s cybersecurity in the wake of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack by Russian hacking group Darkside.

A Hill-HarrisX poll found that 77% of registered voters who responded to a survey between May 14 and 15 believe the U.S. needs to do more to protect itself from foreign hackers, and 23% believe that the country already does enough.

How is the United States doing enough when the nation’s biggest pipeline was hacked and there were gas shortages across the East coast for a week?


Some 84% of Republican respondents said that the country needs to do more, and a slightly smaller 74% of independents said the same. Weirdly, 70% of Democrats agreed that the U.S. needs to do more.

There’s no immediately obvious explanation for why Democrats would think America’s cybersecurity is already sufficient despite multiple major attacks affecting government departments and private businesses in recent years…other than, perhaps, defending President Joe Biden as he deals with several other crises right now.

The Colonial Pipeline returned to normal operations on Saturday, and several media outlets have suggested that $5 million may have been paid in ransom to the hackers to resolve the issue.

When President Joe Biden was asked about the rumored payment during a press conference, he simply refused to answer.

“I have no comment on that,” he said.

Either he’s hiding something, or he genuinely just doesn’t know…and the latter isn’t out of the realm of possibility given Biden’s history of not knowing things.

Dritan Nesho, the chief pollster at HarrisX, said that while cybersecurity isn’t always at the top of mind, the need to invest in “better and proactive cybersecurity has bipartisan support.”

Fingers crossed that’s something House Speaker Pelosi is actually willing to work with Republicans on, then…