POLL: 54% of Biden’s Voters Don’t Even Like Him

(PatrioticPost.com)- According to an exit poll by Morning Consult on election day, a majority of people who voted for Joe Biden in the presidential election were actually casting a vote against President Donald Trump rather than supporting the Democratic candidate. The poll is a huge blow to the Democrats who may be celebrating Biden’s performance, but who will now be acutely aware that their candidate is not liked.,

The poll found that 54% of Biden voters didn’t like their candidate, and those voters were twice as likely as people who voted for Trump to say that. It means that President Donald Trump was considered the positive candidate by more people.

Trump voters were strongly in favor of President Donald Trump, with 75% of those voters saying their decision was “more of a vote for Donald Trump” than a vote against the other candidate.

The poll also found that Biden supporters most liked his “judgment, trustworthiness, honesty, and stability.” Interesting, given that in the final weeks of the campaign, former business associates of the Biden family revealed how the former vice president was aware of deals being made in his name. Tony Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that he had made deals with the Biden family, which were made because of their access to the then-vice president, and that the Biden family used “plausible deniability” to get away with it.

Concerns about Joe Biden becoming president have been expressed by many members of Congress, including Senator Ron Johnson who said that the Ukraine and China business deals scandal would become a “mess” if Biden wins.

According to Morning Consult, those who voted for President Donald Trump preferred him over former President Joe Biden for his “mental fitness, effectiveness, strong leadership, and judgment.”

Could a man who isn’t even popular with his own voters really become president?